@realrawtravelsThe idea of this jumped into my head whilst I was riding in the back of a car on a tour of Nusa Penida.

We were passing locals in the sweltering heat, carrying big loads of goods on their head walking up a hill. We passed piles of plastic waste. We passed houses being lived in, that could be compared to your average garden shed in a western country.

Despite the uncomfortably bumpy road, the seats were leather, it was cool with air conditioning and we were on our way to see the wonders of Angels of Billabong, Broken Beach and Crystal Bay. How lucky?!

During our travels when we go to such places, we’re gear’d up to the 9’s with our Canon camera, Tripod, Go Pro, an iPhone each, and we’re on a mission to capture those picture perfect shots that will later be uploaded on to Instagram. The purpose of this is not only to capture that moment for us, as a couple and as travellers, but to show other travellers cool places to go if they’ve never been.

There’s so much that can end up going into that one photo – you wish for good weather, the perfect setting and no other tourist to get in your photo. We want the white beaches with the clear blue seas or the jungles filled with the greenest trees. And we love capturing this, don’t get me wrong. But we want to start sharing something else alongside that.

During your travels, you may photograph a lot of other stuff that you don’t put on to your Instagram. Or you may not, because maybe you’re eyes aren’t open to it yet – but that’s not a bad thing, it just means that you’re so focused on the beauty of something else. Your friends and family ask you about each country, but because there is SO much to tell them, you often spill about the main parts. The big places you visit. And not the other things you’ve seen on the way.

We have started to capture the un-captured. And whilst we will still maintain @we.are.wandering and share with our audience the beautiful places we visit, we also want to show you what you don’t see on your typical travellers Instagram or blog.

By doing so, we hope to spread awareness, share with you stories of locals and show you beyond those picture-perfect places. We all tend to exclude pictures of poverty, animal cruelty and plastic waste from our travelling or holiday snaps.

If you have any pictures that you would like to share with us to feature on this Instagram, send us the photo, tell us where you were, the story behind it (if there is one) and we’ll credit your Instagram when we upload it. Maybe even photo of a local you’ve met that has shared their story with you… or something that just stands out to you as different from your culture.

Thank you,

@we.are.wandering and now, @realrawtravels