The Ultimate Canopy Tour Rotorua, New Zealand

What a way to finalise our Rotorua chapter after working and living there for 6 months! We collaborated with Rotorua Canopy Tours and went all out on THE ULTIMATE adventure, zip lining through an ancient forest, and learning all about the impact this phenomenal company has made on the environment.

Canopy Tours Rotorua best thing to in New Zealand

What to expect?

If we weren’t staring up at the trees saying ‘WOW’ as the guides filled our brains with information about the forest, we were stepping off a platform screaming ‘WOW’ as we flew 400 metres above the trees. It’s an experience that offers an incredible balance of both adrenaline and peace.

“But keep your eyes open, because there are views that you will not want to miss.”

Our guides, Emily and David, immediately made us feel like we were in safe hands, which is reassuring when you’ve been strapped into a harness and helmet (two things that predominately mean ‘this might be dangerous’). We hopped into the shuttle bus and were transported to the magical native forest at Dansey Road Scenic Reserve.

Canopy Tours Rotorua top thing to do in New Zealand

Gradually warmed into the experience, we enjoyed a walk through the forest, on route to our first zip line. Emily and David pointed out various types of ferns, trees and coloured fungi that are thriving in this nearly pest-free environment. And before we knew it, we were being informed of the Do’s and Don’t’s of zip lining and climbing the stairs to our first platform.

Canopy Tours Rotorua top things to do in New Zealand

And – BAM – just like that, with only you’re heels on the platform, toes peeping over the edge, about to glide above trees that are over 500 years old. Inevitably, you’ll feel your heart rate increase. All you need to do though is crouch, lift your knees and fly. But keep your eyes open, because there are views that you will not want to miss.

Not only did we fly across 6 zip lines, we crossed 50 metre long swing bridges, walked along a boardwalk attached to a cliff over 20 metres above ground, and abseiled up-side-down (picture SpiderMan) a gigantic tree.

Canopy Tours Rotorua top things to do in New Zealand

Why Rotorua Canopy Tours?

Opening to the public in August 2012, conservation efforts started soon after to bring life back to the forest. Not only will you be paying for a personal and unforgettable adventure, you’ll be contributing towards restoring centuries of neglect. So, if you’re a nature-lover AND an adrenaline-junkie, these two things go hand in hand with Canopy Tours.

CLICK HERE to read in full about their journey.

I’m keen, how do I book?

Simple as, if you know when you’ll be in Rotorua, head to THIS PAGE and get your adventure locked in. Our suggestion – go for The Ultimate Canopy Tours. Described as ‘Higher, longer, and more spectacular’ than the award-winning Original Canopy Tours. But both, an equally unforgettable experience.

A big thank you to Rotorua Canopy Tours for collaborating with us for this mind-blowing experience.


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